This will be my humble present for you. As you say, Little Monster is not a fandom, it is a lifestyle, we live and we breathe not just for your music but also for the things that you taught and inspired us. Little Monsters are born during the midst of your fame in Bad Romance, should I say. The symbol of putting our paws up and wave it with you, but what you have done is more than that. From Just Dance days where I discovered you, you pulled the superstar in me making me dream for a better dream! I have reunited and gained a trust with my creativity which I have neglected when I was reaching puberty. You were the only white woman that I knew having a weave and having a full fighting woman confidence. I adore you, and look up to you. You were keeping on hustling doing live futuristic shows in the same and familiar costume, doing promotions and all. Then the press would label you a freak, weird, provocative and out of this world woman I wasn’t affected at all you instead, you inspired me because I know what you are capable of. You are a Lady that just wants to make music and share her music to the world. And what I loved most during The Fame days up until now is that you were very detailed in creating things one of that is your disco stick, also your iPod glasses, bedazzled shades and also for having the most collection of sunglasses. You know how to use your wisdom; you are professional and respectful whether it will be an interview, GaGavision, live shows and radio shows. I sing and imagine dancing with you in your songs which were about sex, getting drunk, fashion and fame. Then I discovered Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta you have always been making music. These songs were about love and break up and a guy. From that moment I was not just a fan, I already found the woman that I want to marry! Haha! Just kidding but that was really my thought. I was in love. You are that woman that made feel a real man. (Read behind the words). You were reaching out thru the world as you say:  “Changing the world one sequin at a time.” You made The Fame Ball Tour, creating a stir. Who knew what force does this Lady have. From your liberating fashion, artistic frame by frame short film music videos and live theatrical performances (where I always drool and watch your magnificence + playing and like having sex with the piano) I was all over you inspiring me every day. And from that you have discovered the monsters of fame it was dark, mysterious at the same time revealing. Inch by inch, slowly you were revealing the truth. We knew the reason behind those artistic and creative ideas. With us inspiring you, you created The Monster Ball where kids who were like you, like me; weird, insecure, bullied, discriminated and teased are celebrating individuality, acceptance, freedom, respect, love and music. It is the only society that we knew and feel that we are really accepted even I haven’t been to your shows I felt that way. And now you have created a kingdom that is the Little Monsters-we were communicating and relating to each other. Because of you, we were reaching beyond boundaries and we speak for your love and bravery. Then you released the Record of our Life the only album that speaks for acceptance and bravery: Born This Way. You are now already our Mother Monster! You care for us and sympathize us. You are honest, proud and genuine. I have stored a part of me where you are my light when I am down, being brave in continuing making poems while singing out loud your songs while I’m in tears. I want to meet you and hug you and whisper to your ear: “Thank you so much for your music and your bravery and most of all for inspiring me. Gaga if you are reading this, I THANK GOD FOR YOU and I LOVE YOU!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CONTINUE MAKING MUSIC! :’) GET WELL SOON! I can’t wait for your new creations!


The one’s I look up to, reminding me everyday that I’m a superstar!! Can they both make music together?? *gaawd that TEAL HAIR!!! O____O 


because GaGa believes that MINT will be very big in fashion this spring.. and TOP is already the one trending it! O___O 


now that Lady GaGa is in Seoul, I am hoping to see these two teal heads together!!!! *shout out to all VIP’s + Little Monsters!!! XD BORN THIS WAY BALL countdown: 6 days left!!!

May 21, 2012 

It has been five months since I made this dream into a realization. It was that day where I proved that you can really achieve your dreams if you believe in it and work hard for it, even the impossible and the crazy ones. 

this would be the last! noytienoyt!!! U____U

sorry for spamming.. she just needs to be in my dashboard right now!!:P

What hair color is this?

Gaga has gone brunette.. Now I am more inspired + braver to dye my boring black hair.. Intrams, prepare..

I’m literally going to die!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥ TOM DALEY 


The greatest part of being a little monster is to bring out your inner monster. And in convenience to those who was born with shallow minds (just like what the protesters are doing), what I meant was, if you’re a die hard Lady GaGa fan then you have your opportunity to bring out the best of you, to be the person that you want to be in short just being yourself is enough. Let me start, MAY 21, 2012 - The Day of the concert.

6:00 AM - Assuming

I arrived in front of SM Arena alone. I wonder why there were no fans lining up. And the place was so quiet. I don’t know how will I feel. Should I be excited because I got there first or should I be worried because security guards and janitors were roaming around + looking at me, should I just be thankful because I am the first one or check the whole arena and ask someone for the entrance of this arena.  But I decided to take my breakfast first, it was just a raisin sliced bread then took my vitamins. GPOY:

I was having a weird feeling about this. I was just seating on the stairs reflecting on my own. Then tried to get up and walked around then sat down again and tried to get some nap.

8:00AM – SAVED!

I had noticed that there were little monsters walking around the premises of Mall of Asia. I can recognize that they were fans because they are wearing GaGa shirts. I assumed that they were just roaming around and checking the place out. Until these two little monsters approached me, they asked me if what ticket seating did I bought. Then they were so kind to inform me that there are already little monsters  lining up at the back of the arena. Around 20 people already. (OH SHIT?! FACE PALM). Then they told me that there was this little monster that arrived first and later she will get the key – she had already been here 10 AM since yesterday!! (WTF?!) I thanked Sophie and Renee, they were my saviors that day. Here they are:

If it wasn’t for them, I would be still wondering and assuming that I was the first in line. Then there I met some of the little monsters, divided from the seating area that we bought. They were so glamorous and friendly. Some even spent their night here, some arrived at dawn fresh from their town. I met these three friends Mark Lee, Dexter and Wil. They were my companion during the day. ( I just realized, I have no pictures with them :( ).

10:00AM – Making new friends

Mark Lee decided to buy something so we accompanied him  to SM. The moment we went back to the arena, all the little monsters moved towards the car park then Jelo decided to organize us:

It was according to the time that we arrived. I had no idea that there were already fans lining up at the back of the arena and I was there in front of the arena since 6 AM. So I was placed along with the first 10 persons together with Mark Lee, Dexter and Wil. Jelo was all motherly and kind, from there we named him as step-mother monster hahaha!!

Filling the heat and the atmosphere, we are making friends and chatting with some of the little monsters from our line. Here’s Doo Lee the first monster to arrive (did I mention she’s been here sine 10 AM yesterday?):

Doo Lee’s friend April with her version of GaGa’s meat dress:

These two are my fellow Ateneans. Here’s Miko and his sister Stefani (Germanotta.. haha!).

Miko finished  Mass Communication in Ateneo de Davao. Yeah he knows Bisaya. We were so close, getting to know each other. And his sister Stefani is currently a law student from Ateneo de Manila. She did Miko’s GaGa Panda eyes. Look at that Hello Kitty skirt! CUTEEE!!!

Here’s Darren, we’ve been teasing him as if he was going to Adam Lambert’s concert! HAHA!:

This is Bernard, he arrived 11:00PM last night and decided to fill in his line by his yaya (which I had fun chatting with by the way) in the moring for him to freshen up and change his clothes to this safety pin ensemble:

Many people are now coming dressed up to ball. The line went long.

12:00NN – The heat is on

What kept me full was my soda crackers and my 1 liter of bottled water. As of now we are the little monsters that can’t be moved. Some were taking there lunch from the mall and some from what I saw, were not taking any meals at all.

The first media that covered us was GMA. They interviewed the first fan that arrived then some of the fans that were first in line.

Lady Gaga’s security team was checking on us if we were doing fine. Yeah we are patienlty waiting for GaGa she is worth the wait though. Then he said that they put up a very good show and that he hope that we would enjoy it. HELLLL TO THE YES WE WILL!

2:00PM – Feeling the LOVE

There were these couple of guys that was counting if how many we are. Then they introduced themselves to us that they are one of the organizers and representatives of the arena. And they decided that they will be giving free snacks. Out of our excitement and gratefulness we asked if it came from GaGa, we’ll accept anything that is from her. But it was really from SM. It was still fine though if it meant to fill in some nutirients that is needed by our body.

They gave us hotdogs and cold bottled waters!


Then later, Red Bull has arrived and gave us free energy drinks!


CR Moments I need to freshen myself up. GPOY:

More medias are coming over, interviewing some fans, taking pictures and videos. From GMA, ABS-CBN, TV5, RPN, Manila Bulletin, AFP, and others.

3:00PM – Dressed to Ball

I decided to take pictures of some of the little monsters that caught my attention together with Doo Lee and April.

I called her “Telephone Girl” but I added her in facebook lately and followed her on tumblr. She’s Angelica by the way:

This one’s channeling Rick Genest, the zombie boy in GaGa’s Born This Way music video (friend of Angelica’s):

The battle of the two meat dresses:

The Fame Monster:


The infamous DIY Born This Way denim jacket:

Heel-less shoes are everywhere! This guy right here even made one:

One word: AWESOME!!!!!!!! I’m in awe with these three guys the moment they stepped in the area! No words, bow….

Then there’s these two. BOW!! Inspired by GaGa’s muscle dress in Marry the Night inspired by Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New that they made a collaboration with the Haus of Gaga. They’re wearing silicon face masks which I think was made by the same designer.

Can we just pause and look at these footwear!!!! gaaahh?! how did he made these?!

+ his partner’s shoes are Jeremy Scott x Adidas!!! Where in this world did he bought those? I only saw 2NE1 wearing those shoes!! Uggghhh?! I am completely and utterly stunned!!

Work for the paparazzi!

4:00PM - We were barricaded

While we were busy making new friends and taking some pictures, there was a commotion that was going on. So we got back to our line and just to find out that they are just being filmed by medias. There were many cameras all over us. We were cheering, shouting and singing some GaGa songs. 

Jelo and his friends decided to be line patrols and organized us again according from the time that we arrived. All were standing patiently we were assuming that by 6PM, we will be entering the arena.

Then I made this short poem:

10 hours of waiting
This is a fashion kill + more monsters are coming
More glitters to fill
2 hours to go the gates will be open
No protesters in sight good for them
Medias all over I’m covering my eyes
Sponsored foods + energy drinks
This is the time of our lives.

5:00PM - Patiently waiting

We are all very excited. We were informed that they will let us in by 6:30PM!!!!


Medias just kept on coming! Too many cameras and pictures that were taken. Security Guard were all over the place keeping us all safe!!

ABS CBN’s anchor Ginger Conejero had arrived! My gosh she is so tall and slender, she has this model type of body + she is sooooooo beautiful!!

She was interviewing some of the little monsters in the front.

Then the Lady GaGa ambassador in the Phlippines: Lady Gagita has arrived!! Together with her friends.

6:00PM - Praying + Cussing

Hahaha.. I was praying for everything that happened that day and for everything that I have to go through to achieve this! I prayed for our safety, for GaGa, for the graces that we received, for the people that stood by us + the people that didn’t believe in us and for the successful of the concert! I was very excited that all I was saying was shit shit shit shit!!! GAAAASSSSSH!!!! FVVVVVVVCK THIS IS REALLY IT!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahhaaa!!!!

6:30PM - Anticipating, eager, excited, palpitating, hyperventilating

You can read for the rest of the story for 6:30PM here - I made a different post for my Born This Way Ball concert experience.

11:30PM – Sad to accept but it was done.

I have plans of sneaking backstage but it would be very impossible. Just to see her perform live is enough and to even have a picture with her would be my prize – like a trophy. So I decided to meet some monsters in the lobby and take some pictures of their beautiful outfits.

Here is Prince Lotus with his Bad Romance outfit:

Channeling Lady GaGa’s custom Mugler gown she sore during CFDA Awards:


This girl caused a stir before the concert started. Everyone has their eyes on her for they thought she was Lady GaGa then later they realized she was not. But the bubble dress was so The Fame though! HaHa but it was cute!! XD

I thought the signboard was related for GaGa but for what I am seeing, it looks like this guy right here is proposing to Krystel - the girl in his left, to be his monster/girlfirend. 

I confirmed it to Angelica because she saw the guy in their seating area before the concert and Krystel was so happy as what she saw. CUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEe!!!!!!

Since in the morning, my name was AMEN FASHION up until now. Then a couple of monsters again took a picture at the back of my denim vest and a couple of beauty shots. One of those are these two Cebuanas:

They are sisters by the way, Frances Joy and her older sister Julie.They noticed I have been dancing since the start of the show and said that they liked me because I was so cool to know all the steps. They even took a picture of me during the show. (Click here).

Uugghhh!?!?! I wish I had the money to buy some GaGa merchandise!! 

Finally!!!!!!! Even though, I didn’t had a picture with Lady GaGa, I thank God, Lady GaGita came in as proxy!! I know she is Bisaya so I approached and talked to her in our own dialect! Haha

She was so humble and kind, I even gave her my wishes for her career and congratulate her for her works and perseverance. PAWS UP GAGITA!!!!

Some Glamorous Monsters outside the Arena:



Born This Way Ball was the night of my life
Words can’t describe what I really feel inside
My artistic dreams came true for just one night
Pushing boundaries of acceptance, fighting for what is right.

I’m finding the right words but I’m full of emotions
My biggest dream just came true
There are more goals + dreams to dream on
Just believe, let it flow and let it all through

-jmL X[[

Someone took this picture of me while Lady GaGa is performing Judas. They noticed me I was dancing from the start. After the concert we accidentally met at the lobby of the arena and we introduced ourselves to each other and guess what, they are from Cebu!! hahaha we were so loud exchanging high five’s and laughs thank you Julie! for the pic! PAWS UP!! I was feeling this moment with my bandana and all. I was sweating and I just can’t help it. This is my liberation!! This is my favorite dance song of her and I was so happy that she performed it! *Look at gaga she’s standing on my left shoulder just like an angel.. ♥.♥

Some people choose to spend their summer vacation on beaches,
I choose to spend mine at The Born This Way Ball.
-my only salvation this summer!
GOD!? it happened so fast! *reminiscing!!! XD 

The Born This Way Ball - PHILIPPINES

It is every little monster’s dream to go to a GaGa concert thankfully I’ve got the chance to take this opportunity to watch her live finally!! and in my own country!! Despite all the protests and all the prejudice and hatred the anti-GaGa are spreading, we don’t even give a FVCK! well of course we do we know the truth, we know GaGa and she has been teaching us about love, equality, self worth, self acceptance, art and individualism. I pity these protesters because they just all see wigs, make ups, lipsticks and props and hesitate to know the story. Anyways I will share to you guys my experience in the KINGDOM OF FAME last May 21, 2012.

6:30 PM - Anticipating, eager, excited, palpitating, hyperventilating

The gates were open, medias and securities are all over the place. All are very excited. We walked cheerfully towards the arena and the moment we got there it was all running, shouting and full of craziness!!

We were calmed down the moment when we got our seat. Here’s the view from where I was seating. That’s a huge curtain to cover up the whole castle! + there was no Monster Pit T__T

During the day I met these 3 guys, they were Mark Lee, Will, and Dexter - they were friends. I was with them for the whole day, but when we entered the arena there was only Mark and I. But when Mark saw where they were seating and we saw that there was only one vacant seat left, Mark decided to join them. I think because he can relate very much to them than me because they are friends and they already knew each other. So I am left with my bag, my sequins + glitters, boots and my acid washed denims. GPOY

The screen is just near from where I am seating -I can easily see GaGa

8:00PM GaGa’s opening act DJ Zedd spiced up the the whole crowd as he mixes some parts of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know and LMFAO’s Party Rock. Gaawd his remixes were sick!!!! 

He played for an hour and now IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACT I - Escaping


OOOOOOHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS REALLY IT!!!! The curtain was out!!! I’m seeing the castle, it was lit! A long intro of Highway Unicorn had been played with the sound of horse’s hooves..

Her dancers are out carrying flags labeling: GOAT (Government Owned Alien Territory) and guns.

I am seeing and finally hearing her live!! Let all these orgasms begin!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!! I CAN’T HELP MYSELF BUT TO SCREAM MY HEART OUT. GaGa is out singing, (GOD!!! HER VOICE!!!! T_T) riding a mechanical powered unicorn. Fist pumping + jumping begins: Get your hot rods ready to rumble!!!!!! All PAWS ARE UP celebrating the entrance of our MOTHER MONSTER!!!

As Gaga was escaping the castle - after she performed Highway Unicorn, Mother G.O.A.T. appeared. She is a giant jewel shape structure with pink neon on the edge of it. “Mother” also has a skull projection in the middle. At the line “Downloading image of prisoner”, the skull merges into Gaga’s face with prosthetic horns. 

And here’s what she said: "Initiating satellite. Space renagade Lady Gaga has escaped. Downloading image of prisoner. Alien fugitive objective: To birth a new race. Operation: Kill the bitch!" Then a theatrical - opera like intro of Government Hooker played.. GAGAaahh!!!

HOOOOKAAHHH!!!! the steps are still the same! She didn’t change a thing! THANK GOD!!! 

She was seducing the man (the Govenrment) in order for her to escape and get the chance to kill him. Then she shoots gates of the castle and said: “Welcome to The Born This Way Ball.”

The crowd went wooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!

Birthing a new race

It didn’t took a minute for her to change a new costume this time she is at the top of her inflated legs seemingly wide open that is about to gave birth. As she gave birth, her dancers crawled along the floor while I was on my feet screaming, getting ready to dance with GaGa. 

The crowd went ecstatic singing word by word! BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY, while I was in my place dancing the choreographed steps alone. THIS IS THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

She ended it by going inside the castle and a minute after she got back and performed Black Jesus † Amen Fashion. A song about Jesus as her new companion to her journey because she moved to a new city in New York. She always said: “Jesus is the new black” and “Black Jesus” in the song because in the fashion world, when you say “It is the new black” it means that it is the new trend, the “it” thing. GaGa incorparate it in her lyrics, she has Jesus with her when she was moving on to a new chapter in her life (take that protesters!!!). Sometimes I feel that she is describing Jesus as the Black Nazarene LOL! *You really need to have a strong heart + open mind if you listen to GaGa.

The puff sleeves were gone all was left was her latex bra. I learned the steps for just a day so yeah I danced with it along.

The next song was Bloody Mary where she was in this motorized long white dress that circles around the stage. And her dancers has the weirdest steps. There’s an eerie feeling until Gaga suggested that we’ll do a famous Filipino disco move where you put your hands in front of you in fists and you do a circle like a wheel. dum dum dah dah dah.. wooooooooh everybody were having a good time!!!

The Manifesto of Mother Monster

Mother G.O.A.T. came back on stage and recited the intro of the Born This way Video: This is the “Manifesto of Mother Monster”: On G.O.A.T, a Government Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. But the birth was not finite; it was infinite. As the wombs numbered, and the mitosis of the future began, it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal; it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race: a race within the race of humanity.”

And GaGa performed Bad Romance everyone was on their feet dancing and singing! Everyone was just having a party. As usual because I know the steps I was imagining I was dancing and singing with GaGa. 

And at the end of the song she chanted RAH RAH MANILA!!

and said this:

And she spoke that some of us will stick by her but some of us will betray her.

Then started the supposed to be banned “JUDAS.” Everyone went wild!!!! Screaming, and shouting! I was going crazy jumping as high as I could and screamed my lungs out and the whole arena screamed JUDAS!! JUDAH AH AH! Now she was on top of the castle struggling to get out because Mother GOAT’s soldiers are going to tie and prison her. 

Someone took this picture of me while Lady GaGa is performing Judas. They noticed I was dancing from the start. After the concert we accidentally met at the lobby of the arena and we introduced ourselves to each other and guess what, they are from Cebu!! hahaha we were so loud exchanging high five’s and laughs thank you Julie for the pic! PAWS UP!! I was feeling this moment with my bandana and all. I was sweating and I just can’t help it. This is my liberation!! This is my favorite dance song of her and I was so happy that she performed it!


A quick change then she is back with her Origami Dress and still at the top of the castle.

She did her tribute song to Alexander McQueen: Fashion Of His Love. Then she sang some of her hit records first was Just Dance still in her Origami Dress. Walking across the top of the castle. Stepping to somewhat like a New York apartment staircases.

I just don’t want this night to end. It kept on getting better. I have known the steps of Just Dance since 2009, and now I am dancing it with her! Is this still a dream or is this really happening?

Gaga went out and emerged in front of the stage in a bath tub and performed a medley of Love Game 

and Telephone but before she performed Telephone she had a little chat with us where she said: It is nice to meet new friends and friends that call you who are from other country then she starts dialing in her hand in her cutest manner: “teet tot teet tot, oh hello! yeah I can’t talk to you right now because I’m in a Lady GaGa concert, I’ll just text you later ok?”

Then starts Telephone. 

This is her first song that I first performed in my school.

ACT III - Invading Earth

As GaGa went back into the castle, Mother GOAT appeared for the 3rd time as she continues to recite her manifesto:

It was instantly that this enigmatic fugitive became the host agent and body to a new colony. A colony which would strive to extract our most classified information. A monstrous preparation it was. Training and decoding the creativity of rebellion for one purpose: to invade Earth.”

Then Lady GaGa comes back as a motorcycle, channeling her Born This Way album cover. She is infinitely on the running, she is the vehicle of her own art, living halfway between reality and fantasy - as she explained during her promotions of the Born This Way album. 

From there, she performed a slow rock - metal song called Heavy Metal Lover. She drove it around the stage. As you can see there was a Philippine flag hung at the back. She loves us! XD

Of course a motorcycle will not be running if there was no driver. One of GaGa’s dancers rode over GaGa’s behind and kept on thrusting as if she was fueling it. GAAAAY!!! LESBO MOMENTS!! hahaha But we loved it though!

I knew some of the basic steps especially the gyrating of the hips during oh hoo oh oh hoo ooh oh hooh ooh HEAVY METAL LOVAHH!! XD! She stepped out in the motorcycle and she explained to us the difference about non-conformists and rebels where she said: "Non-conformists  simply complain about what they don’t like and didn’t do anything about it while Rebels fight for what they believe in.”

Right after her talk, she asked us if we are enjoying her concert but if we were not, SHE DON’T GIVE A FVCK!! and asked us again:

Everyone shouted NOOOOOO! Then she added: BECAUSE WE’RE A BUNCH OF REBELS and performed Bad Kids

One of my favorite songs in the Born This Way album. She ended it by seating at the edge of her stage with her dancers hugging and helping her take off her puffed hair sleeves. And introduced to us her friends - her dancers and that they stick by her and they travel together in her tour. She shared to us a Tagalog word that she learned and asked us "KOMOSTAH?" Yeah that’s the way she said it.. KOMOSTAH?? and everybody was cheering so loud!! wooooooohhhh… While I was having butterflies in my stomach it tickled, as if she was saying that only to me.

Then she said it is nice to meet new friends. Then asked us if we have our friend with us.

While I was there feeling like aahhh, awkward like uuuhhmmmmm GaGa, please skip this part!! hahaha.. Then she got up, and walked towards her motorcycle where the keyboard was placed in the handles. And started playing the the intro of the acoustic version of HAIR - MY FAVORITE SONG IN THE ALBUM, ONE OF HER BEST SONGS, THIS IS THE SONG OF MY LIFE, MY STORY, MY IDENTITY and MY INSECURITIES. 

This is what I really love about GaGa, when she is playing a piano. It just shows her vulnerability and her capabilities as an artist, her voice, her hands playing on it, she is just perfect!!!! I was having goosebumps and I just can’t help myself, I was full of emotions + this song is a very meaningful + emotional song. It is about yourself, about trying to be love and accepted of who you really are and be proud of it. I screamed so loud to put all my emotions away and let it all out and just cried. Then she began talking about the protests in our country where she got emotional. And I don’t like to see Lady GaGa cry. But she did cried then there I was, drinking my tears, sobbing!!!!! T________T

These were her first statemets:

I know that everybody, you know, thinks that I stand for, well not everybody, not everybody, I shouldn’t say that, but some people think that I stand for like, really inappropriate things that are really bad for…  Listen, I am slightly irresponsible, let’s be honest, okay? It’s okay. But they’re not completely right and the truth is I want the fucking best for you. I want the best for every single one of you. I love you with all of my heart and all my soul, I really do, and all the things that I think about and the way that I am, it’s my lifestyle, it’s just part of this one big giant performance art statement of liberation. So, I hope that you feel tonight, as free as your hair. And to those of you that don’t feel free, take the best opportunity to free yourselves.”

Then sang the first part of Hair and continued:

Then she added: It’s true. It’s not about the music, it’s not about, it’s not about anything, it’s not about my clothes, it’s not about having a hit record, it’s the fucking goddamn truth that people in the world need to be free of who they are and be proud and feel valuable no matter where they are.”

This was me:

I was singing with her for the whole time with my paws up. And I was like: YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I AM AS FREE AS MY HAIR!!! I AM MY HAIR. I was embracing  myself, tearing up in my place and keeping my composure while having endless goosebumps. 

She was standing in her motorcycle and said: "Now, it is just YOU AND I" We were singing our hearts out!!

6 whole years!!!!! 

She stretches her legs and did her highest notes. She’s making love to our flag! ugghhh I wish I was the flag!!! T____T

Then she got up and asked if we want to get a little electric then she grabs her coat and guitar and sang Electric Chapel. It is a song about your comfort zone, where you are most at ease and Born This Way Ball is our Electric Chapel it is where all the freaks are outside and we are just a couple of insecure, discriminated kids that just wants to be accepted and be loved. Celebrating art, bravery and freedom.

Look at the castle from my place. This was the most beautiful part of the concert because of the castle and the light that it is emitting. It was so colorful like rainbows. It just speaks joy and freedom. 

She ended it by introducing to us her Filipino guitarist, Ricky:

While GaGa changes for a new outfit, Ricky entertained us with his amazing - ness haha.. He strummed to a Mexican beat more like Mariachi which hinted us that the next song is Americano - a statement song about the unjust laws of immigration in America because Lady GaGa had experienced this before during The Monster Ball.

Act IV - Eternal Meat

Now GaGa is back and the stage + the castle is bloody red. It felt like a royal slaughterhouse because GaGa was seen dangling with a couple of meats in a meat rack. The view from where I was standing:

This is a revamped version of her  infamous meat dress she wore during the MTV Video Music Awards last 2009. She was creating a statement that time about gay rights:For me this evening, if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on own bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.” - GaGa

There were guns and commotion. All was just a political statement that GaGa has been fighting for: Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, Prop8 and the Arizona Immigration laws.

Then a giant meat grinder came out. Her back up dancers are going inside it.

After Americano she then performed her greatest hit, Poker Face: This time her skirt went off and it is just a one piece of a meat bikini. SEXY!! 

Everyone was jumping putting their paws up because this is her most popular song and everyone relates to it. How about me? These are the most fun steps that I learned Americano + Poker Face consecutively is a dance number I will kill for. And later she made a statement:

 “In 1978, Larry Flynt acclaimed that women would no longer be treated as meat on the cover of Hustler magazine. In the Born this Way Ball, that’s precisely how we treat them…Wanna see my Poker Face?” 

And she ended up throwing herself into the grinder, a way also to end the performance.

She is then back emerging in front of the stage seating prettily in a meat couch. Remember the “I just don’t know what to do with my ex-boyfriends!” part? Well she jokingly introduced to us the processed meat of Roberto, Fernando, and Alejandro who made up the meat couch.

You know what she performed. The song was originally about the fear of the sex monster but in the video it is about the celebration of homosexuality + statements about Don’t ask Don’t tell. I love the choreography of Alejandro - the art of Vogue- ing haha. 

GOD! Mark is ssssooooo HOT!!! O___O It ended as a huge orgy with GaGa and her male dancers in the meat couch. 

Act V - Freedom

Immediately, Mother GOAT appeared and flies across the castle, lip syncing GaGa’s Paparazzi she sang only the 1st verse and the chorus though.

Then GaGa appeared at the top of the castle in a terrace with a gun and a hat covering her face and sang the rest of the song. GaGa and Mother GOAT are now together in one stage. And at the end of the song she shoots Mother GOAT with her gun and Mother GOAT was bleeding in her eyes, and nose. It was creepy. 

Then GaGa stepped down to the stairs and said: "We must rid ourselves of all miscommunication. Anything that stifles our ability to speak the same language must go." Then said: "I DON"T SPEAK TAGALOG BUT I CAN IF YOU LIKE" FVCK!!!! it’s Scheiße!!! A German word for shit, read as Shiza. It is a song about being a strong, independent woman without all the shit that comes along your way.

YEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! It was the best part of the concert!!!!! The beats were crazy the dance moves were sick! It was a jamming session with all the little Monsters.. Here, GaGa playfully inserted the lyrics: MANILA OH OH OOOHhh.. She was soooooooooo cuuuuteeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! uUugghhhhh!!!!

I only know the steps of the chorus part of the song and the rest was jumping and crazy dance steps, just clubbing my way off. Hahaha

GaGa teased us that this would be the last song that she is going to perform. But I didn’t believe her. I’m still waiting for The Edge of Glory and Marry the Night.

Then ended with a middle finger in both hands. It just feels good sharing a finger to all that are inside the arena!! FVCK ALL HATRED AND CRITICISM!! I WAS BORN THIS WAY!!!! 

The stage went off . All are murmuring… I shouted EDGE OF GLORY!!!!!!!!! Then suddenly the crowd was making noises. We cheered GaGa!! GaGa! GaGa!!! It took about 5 minutes for her to change then we saw her at the top of the castle in her long Versace robe playing an acoustic version of Edge of Glory. I can feel that soon the concert will be over, because we are already on the EDGE!!!!!!!

GOD?!!!! HER VOICE!!!!!! UuGgghh GOOSEBUMPS!!!! She then later performed the studio version of the song dancing and running across the terrace. Then Mark appeared during the sax solo! WAAHHHHHH!!!!! ORGASMS!!!!! HAHA… MARK + GAGA = TOTAL HOTNESS..

The performance ended with GaGa and Mark cuddling and lying together on the ramp. It turned me on a bit!

GaGa then came down and said that she missed us so much!! Then church bells rang. It was Marry the Night!!!!!!!!!! T______T ohhhh my!!!!!! YEAAAAAAHHH!!! I’m ready to dance + marry the night with you GaGa! This song has the sickest choreography ever! next to Judas by the way.

Got to love GaGa’s ensemble custom made by Versace .

They were all wearing custom Versace.  This part though when she got her keytar and started playing the breakdown!! IT WAS SO EPIIIIC!!! Then she said: Alright, we only have 15 seconds left. I want you to jump and scream like you’ve never had before!” I let it all out I was jumping and screaming, singing Marry the Night and did a head bang like it’s a rock and roll.

She ended the whole show by kneeling on the the stage with her keytar and the platform went down with her.. Then her dancers put their paws up as I noticed in my area everyone was putting their paws up.. Then the platform went down with the dancers..


more pics (next post)
*The gif’s are definitely not mine + some of those pictures are not mine too unless stated.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING IT HOPE YOU HAD FUN!!! XD PAWS UP!!

The Journey

my seconds of fame!!! FTW!!!! wahahhahaa RAH RAH MANILAAAAAAAAAAA!!! T____T I can stiLL remember how it feels!!!!! XD