121124 TOP HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Alive Tour Osaka pt.6

Source: http://871104.com

Buy less, choose well, and mix it all
Breed compassion
Amen fashion
Here I come 
Born This Way Ball. 


On a Late Night

I rode back home late at night
The streets are silent, few people in my sight
In every other block, a passenger drops
Different routes in different stops.

Vehicles are running slowly
I’m sitting with a person who doesn’t know me
Other strangers have empty faces aside from me
I wonder what they’re thinking
Are they thinking about somebody?

The lights are dim, the sky is dark
In every single turn, dogs howl and bark
Faster, faster it is already late
Please be quick, for me to catch up the open gate.

The neighborhood is quite, I’m almost home
Few houses have light, few people roamed
At last I’m home, I have to ring their phone
It’s hard to wake them up, they’re sleeping on their own.

-jmL X[[

My new DP on FB.. this was during Senior’s Night at Grand Caprice. It’s my first time to wear a bow tie and I do feel + looked good with my pair of boots and a 3/4 blazer.. Am I too late to post what happened that night?? hmmnn….

"Buy less, choose well, and mix it all." - Vivienne Westwood

because GaGa believes that MINT will be very big in fashion this spring.. and TOP is already the one trending it! O___O 

Runway Dreams

It’s not a new revelation
I love the idea of runway and fashion
So many years I have envisioned
Today is that soon that I was dreaming on.

The light is on me
I am the clothes that you want me to be
I’m working on the runway
I am living my dreams and fantasy.

Style is free and fashion is a trend
I can be your clothes and make a statement
I’m not selling myself but the clothes itself
Let it breathe then let it speak and let it be felt.

I’ll be your mannequin
I’ll wear your clothes, I’ll drop my denim
This is the runway dreams
Amen fashion, this is just the beginning.

-jmL X[[

*Left: Bo Parcon
  Right: Celeste Magsalay
  credits to the photographers

Needles and Threads † Amen Fashion

They say you are pushing a life
When you’re sewing at night
How can I? When I’m making my life at this time
And superstition is nothing but a lie.

I’m a craftsman tonight
I’m a craftsman since I was a child
I am my art tonight
I am an artist since the moment I know how to write.

Amen fashion, this is my companion
Needles and threads without signs of demon
Amen fashion, it is an inspiration
Needles and threads are my religion.

Just Make Love with what you like
This is my freedom, this is my life
Once you see me, you will know.
My clothes speaks for what it shows.

I’m a craftsman tonight
I’m putting out my visions and my insights
I am my art tonight
I’ll wear it tomorrow, I will wear what is right.

Amen fashion, You are my inspiration
Needles and threads are the solution
For my ideas that waits for reaction
Amen fashion, this is my religion.

— jmL X[[