OJT Day 5 – I Need Cash

Our supervisor gave us our duty for the rest of our training. Finally! Instead of us waiting for another set of bills to be printed, another dumped AMA tapes to be loaded and operating the bills, we will be now working + busy in every minute and be productive. It is just a simple task but there are a whole lot of records to work on. Our supervisor needs a copy of the database of their product rates from their system and all we have to do is to import their product rates to Microsoft Excel + we need to group each city based on the products that they are using. Thru long hours of sitting + typing + scanning + focusing on the monitor, in between talks + laugh trips with Joyce is always a way to miss out boredom. From future plans, wild imaginations to personal life, love life and etc; it was a good way to keep us active. I was thinking for another topic, where I opened up my crazy plans of getting an amount of P20, 000 in a span of one month, that it became our whole buzz for that day. What I planned:

  • Ask for a 1 peso in each person here in Cagayan de Oro
  • Write a letter 
  • Will dance for a peso
  • Online job
  • Lotto
  • Scavenge for scraps

What Joyce suggested:

  • Sell out my stuffs 
  • Look for an American sponsor/chat mate 
  • Ask for donations online
  • Work in a gay bar
  • Dance Instructor
  • Prostitute
  • Join “Wish Ko Lang”
  • SwerTres

I was laughing the whole time while Joyce was teasing me. But honestly I am serious about this, for as much as possible while I have this chance of seeing my Mother Monster live on stage I will find the most possible ways to earn that money (By also assessing the position that I am going to take of course) *ANY SUGGESTIONS GUYS?!   


I just got home from watching Himig Atenista. (No worries Mitch!! We’ve already seen your best! But it would be much more exciting if you have won the prize so that we will have nothing to worry for the expenses of our outing!) HAHA.. 

Nothing much to do with tumblr tonight I just want to post this and get over with.. No scrolling on my dashboard. Many things to be done && so many things that are needed to be accomplished. 

It is suppose to be the start of our Summer break but the excruciating requirements for our 2 final projects isn’t done yet and the defense is already 3 days from now and by that case, I will call myself as an official documenter for my group mates. Not to mention we are trained in a thesis way. But not that tough though, they said it’s a “mini” thesis.. Hmmmm… HAHA 

By tomorrow 6PM I will be attending CompStud’s Senior’s Tribute. Gawwd I just prepared the half of my attire today, because I have some alterations to do with my pants and other things that are needed to be enhanced (Amen Fashion). Why do pimples have this magical power to appear in your face when you have an event like this to attend to? And also I need to pluck these hairs out of my chin and my upper lip.

I almost forgot about my laundry. I haven’t done it in a week. You can imagine how they are piled. I’m planning to do this later but my pants are waiting to be sewn.

Gooshh I’m so fvcked up, also tomorrow, we have arranged to apply some companies for our OJT!! And this would be the first time that I will not be going home for a just a little summer break. O.o

UuugHhh?!?! Shoot me now! (by the way, this would be my first made gif HAHA)

I’m done here.. K…