OH MY GOSH?! she looks like Cara Delevingne 

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This will be my humble present for you. As you say, Little Monster is not a fandom, it is a lifestyle, we live and we breathe not just for your music but also for the things that you taught and inspired us. Little Monsters are born during the midst of your fame in Bad Romance, should I say. The symbol of putting our paws up and wave it with you, but what you have done is more than that. From Just Dance days where I discovered you, you pulled the superstar in me making me dream for a better dream! I have reunited and gained a trust with my creativity which I have neglected when I was reaching puberty. You were the only white woman that I knew having a weave and having a full fighting woman confidence. I adore you, and look up to you. You were keeping on hustling doing live futuristic shows in the same and familiar costume, doing promotions and all. Then the press would label you a freak, weird, provocative and out of this world woman I wasn’t affected at all you instead, you inspired me because I know what you are capable of. You are a Lady that just wants to make music and share her music to the world. And what I loved most during The Fame days up until now is that you were very detailed in creating things one of that is your disco stick, also your iPod glasses, bedazzled shades and also for having the most collection of sunglasses. You know how to use your wisdom; you are professional and respectful whether it will be an interview, GaGavision, live shows and radio shows. I sing and imagine dancing with you in your songs which were about sex, getting drunk, fashion and fame. Then I discovered Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta you have always been making music. These songs were about love and break up and a guy. From that moment I was not just a fan, I already found the woman that I want to marry! Haha! Just kidding but that was really my thought. I was in love. You are that woman that made feel a real man. (Read behind the words). You were reaching out thru the world as you say:  “Changing the world one sequin at a time.” You made The Fame Ball Tour, creating a stir. Who knew what force does this Lady have. From your liberating fashion, artistic frame by frame short film music videos and live theatrical performances (where I always drool and watch your magnificence + playing and like having sex with the piano) I was all over you inspiring me every day. And from that you have discovered the monsters of fame it was dark, mysterious at the same time revealing. Inch by inch, slowly you were revealing the truth. We knew the reason behind those artistic and creative ideas. With us inspiring you, you created The Monster Ball where kids who were like you, like me; weird, insecure, bullied, discriminated and teased are celebrating individuality, acceptance, freedom, respect, love and music. It is the only society that we knew and feel that we are really accepted even I haven’t been to your shows I felt that way. And now you have created a kingdom that is the Little Monsters-we were communicating and relating to each other. Because of you, we were reaching beyond boundaries and we speak for your love and bravery. Then you released the Record of our Life the only album that speaks for acceptance and bravery: Born This Way. You are now already our Mother Monster! You care for us and sympathize us. You are honest, proud and genuine. I have stored a part of me where you are my light when I am down, being brave in continuing making poems while singing out loud your songs while I’m in tears. I want to meet you and hug you and whisper to your ear: “Thank you so much for your music and your bravery and most of all for inspiring me. Gaga if you are reading this, I THANK GOD FOR YOU and I LOVE YOU!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CONTINUE MAKING MUSIC! :’) GET WELL SOON! I can’t wait for your new creations!


so this is her thing right now, just randomly picking someone from the pit and ask him/her to go up and dance on stage! now why didn’t that happen to me 8 months ago.. i was dancing on the 3rd floor of the arena how come she didn’t picked me???? LOL


The one’s I look up to, reminding me everyday that I’m a superstar!! Can they both make music together?? *gaawd that TEAL HAIR!!! O____O 


because GaGa believes that MINT will be very big in fashion this spring.. and TOP is already the one trending it! O___O 


now that Lady GaGa is in Seoul, I am hoping to see these two teal heads together!!!! *shout out to all VIP’s + Little Monsters!!! XD BORN THIS WAY BALL countdown: 6 days left!!!

May 21, 2012 

It has been five months since I made this dream into a realization. It was that day where I proved that you can really achieve your dreams if you believe in it and work hard for it, even the impossible and the crazy ones. 

this would be the last! noytienoyt!!! U____U

sorry for spamming.. she just needs to be in my dashboard right now!!:P

"Sometimes I find my head spinning. Not because of alcohol, but because of my life." - Lady GaGa

What hair color is this?

Gaga has gone brunette.. Now I am more inspired + braver to dye my boring black hair.. Intrams, prepare..

I’m literally going to die!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥ TOM DALEY 

i want to relive this MOMENT!!!!!!

Let’s take a moment of silence for bonita applebumme because she has 2 followers in which one consists of Lady Gaga. 

And she’s from my country!!!