Take me to your leader
I am lost in space
I am in another dimension
Putting time into waste
Help me find Venus
The Goddess of love
I need inspiration
I need guidance from above
I am lost in space
Help me find that name
Venus my lady,
Give me love and not a game.

Oh my gosh, I feel it in the air
If only you could know
How long did I bear.

I am so clouded by my mind
Got no time to rest
Maybe this is a summertime sadness.


It Could Have Been Us

If we were meant, there should have been a lot of time
A lot of messages have sent still ends up a sigh
I gave my effort, I gave what is mine
We still have each other, keeping it a joyride.

Why we still bother?
Why we still cling?
Hanging on to each other, this is not even a fling
Now you have to go, should I let it stay?
Should I keep it as a rose? 
And let it die in dismay.

I should have been with you drinking with my lies
We should have been together at this time
I should have been with you dancing all night
We could have been together if we tried

Do you remember these hallways?
Do you remember this center stage?
I’m alone in here, questioning my stay.

I made this poem 2 years ago, during alumni homecoming when we met again in those familiar places and smiled like it seemed it was yesterday……..

If only these pimples can say the words unuttered

The sleepless nights and the problems I encountered

Then all will be gone, easily recovered

The pains that I badly suffered..

keep the legacy on
with new companions 
common dreams
different visions
but with each other, 
we are a champion.

waLkin on the pavements of Makati a runway of brands and endless fantasy


Born This Way Ball was the night of my life
Words can’t describe what I really feel inside
My artistic dreams came true for just one night
Pushing boundaries of acceptance, fighting for what is right.

I’m finding the right words but I’m full of emotions
My biggest dream just came true
There are more goals + dreams to dream on
Just believe, let it flow and let it all through

-jmL X[[

The Preparation

My only friend thru teenage nights
My only teardrop when I cry
The inspiration beyond what lies
The lifestyle of my teenage life.

Glittered dusts in my room
Sewing sequins to the moon
Listening to her own tune
Preparing to meet her soon.

I run thru city streets
And walked those pavements
I worked before I sleep
Making a statement
This pieces I make
Are worth to keep
Just like your love
Runs very deep.

The pieces are in
Almost complete
This is what I’ve been dreaming
My prayers before I sleep.

-jmL *sorry for my crappy take on double exposure.. haha

Through all the years I have lived my life
Keeping it true is what I am quite
Of all the things that brings me inside
I long for freedom, for me to be alive

The force that is controlling me
The fear that is keeping me lonely
Why can’t I be who I want to be?
The unknown reason, why can’t it be?

Time is wasted and courage is erased
They support me all through the way
And in the end many will be dismayed
Then I’ll be the one to slap my own face.

Liberty is just in my darkness
And freedom is found in my emptiness
And every day I wear my jeans
I AM MY HAIR!! Everyday, silently I scream.

— jmL X[[


At the dawn of resurrection
We greeted Happy Easter
Then the sun comes up
And home is all I remember
People here are in luck
Blessed to have them their family
While I am here getting stuck
Murmuring in jealousy.

Why I am here again?
Remind me why I am away?
It was just bearable
But I felt my longing is different today
Even a text message couldn’t make it change.

Maybe I’ll just go back to sleep
And dream celebrating with them
I just wipe up this mess
Hoping I will get up again.

-jmL X[[