OJT Day 7 – Change of Quota

As usual, the office was soooo cold it made me so sleepy + slouchy and too lazy to work but I have to start on something because Joyce is progressing in importing those product rates. So I have convinced myself to be vigorous.

As I was starting to put my hands into the desktop, my phone rang. Who could it be? As I checked it, it was Sheila (I wondered) but when I answered it, there was a male voice who was talking to me. To found out, it was JM! They are my batch mates who already graduated; congratulations to them!! And they are already in Manila, with Dave and David (I think they are living in the same roof) they are looking for a job and I think, from what I’ve heard, some of them have already found one; another congratulations! I am so happy + envious for them! Haha! Anyways, they called to check how I was doing. (That was so sweet of them. Awwww.. n_n). But they jumped in immediately to the root of their call, because the reason why they called me was to ask if I have already decided to attend Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Ball because if I do, they’ll be asking me to stay with them. (Awwww…. You guys are always a blessing!) I thanked them for their offer but I’m still not sure though because I am reaching for that P15, 000 patron area ticket which is not impossible but too ideal. They too also want to see Gaga but they said they are still not getting any salary at of this moment. But they were still trying to convince me to go and why not just buy the General Admission ticket which is very much cheaper. For the whole conversation I was almost talking to them in whisper because we are just in the same room with our supervisor. So we decided to say our goodbyes and looking forward to see each other if ever I will push this thru.

Yeah it got me thinking + made my day very active and eager to work. Hmmmnn… Thinking to get this opportunity to see Gaga with any resources that I am having! #BornThisWayBallManila here I come!!! PAWS UP!!