Company Hunting Part II

Second semester is officially over! Requirements for our final project are done and passed! And I will be now focusing on my OJT. In order to get a job, you must look and apply for a job. In our case, we must apply one company at a time. So the thing is, we will have to wait for that specific company to call/text us and confirm to us that we will be having our OJT with them. Or reject us. It’s been two days since we applied for our first set of companies and we experienced humiliation and rejection (these are worst but some are good enough just by nodding our heads and by telling us: “We will just call you if you’ll be training with us.”). Yeah! We didn’t follow the rule. Not just because we are running out of time but also in the sense of practicality: “You’ll need to attend 20 interviews to get 1 job” and also to my father’s fatherly advice. Let me share this message to you:

Prayers for me and to my friends, and also to all that are applying for OJT or even a job. It is not easy finding a job you have to double your time and effort: walk thru streets then get lost, sweating while keeping your composure, you have to bear the heat of the sun and the dust and the smoke from vehicles or cigarettes. And once you’re in the company’s office present yourself properly, be confident, show your personality and be engaging. But most of all in finding a job just enjoy it and have fun in the littlest means.