Senior’s Tribute

If you don’t find the humor in that quotation, then you might want to watch “The Devil Wears Prada.” Anyway, not to focus so much in the movie, a quick post just to speak out my mind.

This is my second time attending a Tribute for the seniors. The difference last year was that I did get an award/recognition and I did pay in order for me to be part of the “tributants”, I was with my real batchmates (you see, I’ve been a 4th year student twice), and also I didn’t get any souvenirs . The only the same thing is that during the reading of the class prophecy, my future somehow has something to do with Gaga. Last year’s prophecy was, I was able to meet her in person. This time I was going to be her official choreographer! LOL!! And they added more! I was also going to become the handler/trainer of Joyce (the one in the picture) for she has already become one of the most sought after supermodel in the world! Incidentally, I became her instant stylist that night because of some wardrobe catastrophe. This is just one of the few highlights for most of the celebrated tributes, besides the inspirational parting speech of our professors that made us cry and reminisce how we got through all the challenges in order to achieve our highest goal in college. Now there are more dreams to dream on, more goals to achieve. Just believe in your capabilities and dreams then work for it! Eventually, you will achieve it.

my new cover photo on FB

With a Hamayzhing Friend in Makati

May 22, 2012 – Last day in Manila

I woke up still can’t get over from what happened last night.
Anyways, my hamayzhing friend Emecor is now situated in Makati City. Since I am in Manila, we really need to see each other and catch things up. So she invited me in this beautiful, neat and amazing city. I was in awe the moment the jeepney entered the streets of Makati! My first impression of it was like a Philippines version of New York! It was so sophisticated, developed and urbanized. Emecor decided to take me in Glorietta. 

A bridge connecting Glorietta and The Landmark: 

The malls here are just adjacent to each other. Here’s the park square located in Greenbelt.

Emecor’s infamous GPOY (me, photo bombing :P): 

Haha.. Call us adiks, we are too shy to ask some stranger to get a pic of us so here’s our reflection from a restaurant’s glass window ! LOL!!!

GOSSSSSHHHh?! Greenbelt!! You already!! All the brands that I’ve been looking up to are here!!! You name it! It’s there!! uugghhh?!

Finally a picture of us together, GPOY:

Can someone, buy me this!!! UuggHh..

I’m an oxygen guy by the way and the Oxygen store that we went to has all the things that I need!! 

Thank you Emz for your time and touring me in this hamayzhing place! Until next time!! I miss you already and the grandeur of Makati!! :*

waLkin on the pavements of Makati a runway of brands and endless fantasy

Some people choose to spend their summer vacation on beaches,
I choose to spend mine at The Born This Way Ball.
-my only salvation this summer!
GOD!? it happened so fast! *reminiscing!!! XD 

Summer Project

I finally decided to make this Born This Way jacket in preparation for The Born This Way Ball in Manila. Lady Gaga’s jacket is actually leather and this is not very appropriate to wear in a tropical climate like here in the Philippines. I’ve been adoring denim clothes since last year so I decided to incorporate this into a denim vest. I think I’ll start gathering materials tomorrow. *PAWS UP!




This is what I’ve been dreaming
This what I’ve been waiting
The fantasy of this whole reality
Is coming true in one evening!!!!


OJT Day 7 – Change of Quota

As usual, the office was soooo cold it made me so sleepy + slouchy and too lazy to work but I have to start on something because Joyce is progressing in importing those product rates. So I have convinced myself to be vigorous.

As I was starting to put my hands into the desktop, my phone rang. Who could it be? As I checked it, it was Sheila (I wondered) but when I answered it, there was a male voice who was talking to me. To found out, it was JM! They are my batch mates who already graduated; congratulations to them!! And they are already in Manila, with Dave and David (I think they are living in the same roof) they are looking for a job and I think, from what I’ve heard, some of them have already found one; another congratulations! I am so happy + envious for them! Haha! Anyways, they called to check how I was doing. (That was so sweet of them. Awwww.. n_n). But they jumped in immediately to the root of their call, because the reason why they called me was to ask if I have already decided to attend Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Ball because if I do, they’ll be asking me to stay with them. (Awwww…. You guys are always a blessing!) I thanked them for their offer but I’m still not sure though because I am reaching for that P15, 000 patron area ticket which is not impossible but too ideal. They too also want to see Gaga but they said they are still not getting any salary at of this moment. But they were still trying to convince me to go and why not just buy the General Admission ticket which is very much cheaper. For the whole conversation I was almost talking to them in whisper because we are just in the same room with our supervisor. So we decided to say our goodbyes and looking forward to see each other if ever I will push this thru.

Yeah it got me thinking + made my day very active and eager to work. Hmmmnn… Thinking to get this opportunity to see Gaga with any resources that I am having! #BornThisWayBallManila here I come!!! PAWS UP!!

OJT Day 8 - Whitelisted

“YOU HAVE LIMITED ACCESS DUE TO EXCESSIVE INTERNET USAGE.” These are the words that appeared in our browser whenever we direct ourselves to 9gag, tumblr, facebook, twitter and others! Duration: 7 days!! O_____O Are you kidding me?? This office couldn’t get any more boring –er. Now we have to endure the tedious process of importing the product rates + organizing them without any breaks or whatsoever but sleeping is an option though. Ugghhh?! I asked Joyce why did we let this happen + why we didn’t see this is going to happen! K! There’s nothing we can do about this, we were not briefed, we were not informed and we were not aware. We have to fill in the boring atmosphere in the room and just wait after 7 days to get back again and may have the chance to be BLACKLISTED!!! WHAT THE FVCK?!?!?!?! Joyce, we must learn our lesson. We must learn + try to only use the internet only during break time. Tsk tsk tsk! 

OJT Day 6 – Frostbitten

Our office is undeniably cold! And the air conditioner is positioned straight thru our workstation. It was just bearable in the past few days but today was different - the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, I think it was lower in the past days because I can literally feel the difference. The bloods under my fingernails are unusually dark. And I can’t almost feel my nose. It is so much warmer outside the office, so every now and then I have to go out to recover my body temperature + tomorrow, I will look for another sweater that is thicker than what I have been wearing. Soundtrack for the day: Big Bang’s ALIVE – they were also frostbitten in their promotional posters, because they were so hot, the ice would melt and also my heart. HAHA!

OJT Day 5 – I Need Cash

Our supervisor gave us our duty for the rest of our training. Finally! Instead of us waiting for another set of bills to be printed, another dumped AMA tapes to be loaded and operating the bills, we will be now working + busy in every minute and be productive. It is just a simple task but there are a whole lot of records to work on. Our supervisor needs a copy of the database of their product rates from their system and all we have to do is to import their product rates to Microsoft Excel + we need to group each city based on the products that they are using. Thru long hours of sitting + typing + scanning + focusing on the monitor, in between talks + laugh trips with Joyce is always a way to miss out boredom. From future plans, wild imaginations to personal life, love life and etc; it was a good way to keep us active. I was thinking for another topic, where I opened up my crazy plans of getting an amount of P20, 000 in a span of one month, that it became our whole buzz for that day. What I planned:

  • Ask for a 1 peso in each person here in Cagayan de Oro
  • Write a letter 
  • Will dance for a peso
  • Online job
  • Lotto
  • Scavenge for scraps

What Joyce suggested:

  • Sell out my stuffs 
  • Look for an American sponsor/chat mate 
  • Ask for donations online
  • Work in a gay bar
  • Dance Instructor
  • Prostitute
  • Join “Wish Ko Lang”
  • SwerTres

I was laughing the whole time while Joyce was teasing me. But honestly I am serious about this, for as much as possible while I have this chance of seeing my Mother Monster live on stage I will find the most possible ways to earn that money (By also assessing the position that I am going to take of course) *ANY SUGGESTIONS GUYS?!   

OJT Day 3 – CONFIRMED!!!!!

We learned how to load AMA tapes today. Also we printed out another set of bills. It was just an ordinary day until, uuhhh let me tell you why:

It was already afternoon and our tasks were divided. Our supervisor assigned me to check the printed bills + prepare them to be delivered while she and Joyce did the operation of the bills from the AMA tapes that were loaded. Joyce already got the advantage over me in operating the bills for this was an opportunity for her to review how it was thoroughly done. Tsk! And after we completed our tasks, Joyce told me that our supervisor was asking things about us while they were operating the bills. Here is their conversation as Joyce explained:

Supervisor: Are you and Jamel good friends?

Joyce: Yes Ma’am.

Supervisor: Are you classmates?

Joyce: Yes Ma’am.

Supervisor: Do you have a boyfriend?

Joyce: Yes Ma’am.

Supervisor: Are you and your boyfriend classmates?

Joyce: No Ma’am.

Supervisor: *nods* Is he not taking the same course as you?

Joyce: No Ma’am, he is a Business Management student.

Supervisor: awww.. So how about Jamel?

Joyce: Naaahh… He is looking for a boyfriend Ma’am.

Supervisor: Ahhhhh! Now my mind is clear! He is not really straight!!

BOOOOOOM!!!!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!! HAHAHAA!!! Well what can I say, another blinded victim! HAHAHA.. But my supervisor is not the only one. It was already 5PM so our day here is done. Joyce and I were in the canteen deciding whether or not to stay for a while because it was already raining. As Joyce and I were talking, I glanced at my back and saw our supervisor and her friend, where I overheard them:

Supervisor: Uuuyy!! CONFIRMEEEEED!!!!!!!

Friend: I already know!

Supervisor: How come?

Friend: I asked him! Haha.. Just kidding.. You can already predict by looking at him.

Supervisor: Haha! Are you friends?! LOL!! I know right?! LOL!!!

WHAT THAAAAAA?!?!??!!? SERIOUSLY??!!? YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ME LITERALLY BEHIND MY BACK!??!?! HOOOMYGAASSHH?!?!?!! HAHAHAA! This is just normal for me to be wondered to. But what is not normal is hearing them talking about their thoughts about me. Hmmmnnn…  Sorry if I cannot please your thoughts Madame and tomorrow I’ll be as flamboyant as I want to because thanks to Joyce, it was already cleared out. *I doubt.. LOL!